Add Students to Plans

Teachers and administrators can add students or student groups to a published plan and customize that plan as needed.

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Administrators and teachers can add students to any available plan that has been created and published by an administrator in the district or school. This allows for a more collaborative approach to progress monitoring and ensures that all students receive the supports needed to succeed.

Adding Students

There are three ways to add students to a plan.

From the Plan Overview Page

Select Add Students from the upper right-hand corner of the plan overview page.

From the Menu

Select the ellipsis menu beside the student's name and choose Add Students.

From the Status Bar

Select Add Students in the status bar. This will only be an option if students have not been added to the plan yet.

  • Step 1: Use one of the methods above to select add students.

  • Step 2: Type the name of the student or student group in the Search field. Hit Enter or Return to search for the student.

❗Because the search results are account-specific, teachers only see students from their own classes, and administrators see students based on their specific site-level and grade-level permissions.

  • Step 3: Select the student or student group from the list to add them to the Selected Students field.


For a student group, all students in the group will be selected by default. To choose only specific students, hover over the names of those you’d like to remove. Select the x to deselect them. To re-select a student you removed, simply click on their name.

This is also a great way to add multiple students from your class or classes to a plan. First add these students to a student group and then add that group to the plan at once.

  • Step 4: Once all the desired students have been added, select Add Students.

❗ Navigating away from the page before selecting Add Students or hitting cancel means that no students will be added to the page.

❗️It can take up to 10 minutes for students to appear in the plan's student list.

Customizing a Plan (Optional)

Toggle the eye icon ON or OFF to show or hide specific items from this set of students. Customization can also be adjusted after adding students to a Plan.

Customization is enabled in the plan when the template is created. As a result, customization may not be available in the plan you are using.

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