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Main Student Profile
Main Student Profile

View information related to the student's progress through class performance and individualized learning plans.

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The student profile serves as the home for individual student information. This feature is designed to help educators more easily access all student data in one convenient location.

First navigate to the Students tab of the Classes module. Then click on the student's name to see their Student Profile.


You can see an overall view of the student's grades in all classes here.

  • Each class is listed in alpha-numeric order with the grade, subject, and teacher.

  • Change the site for any students with dual enrollment.

  • The Points column will only be available if points are used for that particular class.

  • All columns after the Points column represent grading scales; any grading scale the student has been assessed on will appear here.

  • You can filter this information by grading period or by mastery setting, depending on your district's configurations.


Just underneath the main gradebook will be a list of the standards the student has been assess on, as well as the performance level they've earned on that standard.

  • Select each class from the dropdown.

  • Choose a grading period, grading scale, and mastery setting for the data you are viewing.

  • You can filter this data by assessment and standard as well.

💡 Tips:

  • If the performance is bold and has an asterisk (*) with the title, that means that grade was manually change in the gradebook.

  • Total Grade is only available for district's that have that setting turned on. See this resource for more information.


View the overall status of each plan the student is associated with, located at the bottom of the student profile.

You will be able to see the student's active plans and plans that they have completed.

Select a plan to view more details. Click the arrow beside the student's name to go right back to the profile.

The other three sections of the Student Profile are:

  • Portfolio items

  • Blog posts

  • Assessment list

  • Recognition log

  • Attendance log

  • 3rd Party Data

  • District Groups

  • Classes

  • Grade Level(s)

  • Family Contacts

  • Family Communication Log

  • Notes

  • Attachments

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