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While in the Control Center, you can enable integrations with Turnitin and other LTI tools.

Please note - these will only be available if your district has chosen to add them to your Otus account. Not all districts will have these available.

To Add a New Tool

  • Step 1: Navigate to the Control Center from within the Main Admin account.

  • Step 2: Select Integrations

  • Step 3: Select + Add External Tool

  • Step 4: Enter the following information:

    • Tool Name: Type in a name for the tool.

    • Tool Description (Optional): Type in a description for the tool.

    • Company Key: typically a long string of alpha-numeric characters.

    • Secret: typically a long string of alpha-numeric characters.

    • Secure Launch URL: standard URL

    • LTI Link Type: Basic linking or deep linking.

❗ All of the above information can be obtained by connecting with your account representative for the particular tool you are adding.

Select Save, and you are finished!

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