What is a Standards Gradebook Override?

When viewing the standards gradebook, Otus calculates an overall performance level for each student on each standard.

If you want to override the grade Otus has calculated, you can do so by selecting the dropdown arrow to the right of each performance level indicator.

Important Note - this is a setting controlled by your district. If you do not see this dropdown arrow, that is an indication your district does not have this function enabled.

➡️ Are you an administrator looking to enable this setting? Contact our support team via the chat window found in the bottom-right corner while in your Otus account, and we can help get you started.

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How to Override a Standards Gradebook Score

  • Step 1: Navigate to the Gradebook module.

  • Step 2: Toggle to your Standards Gradebook.

  • Step 3: Select the dropdown arrow next to the score you want to override.

  • Step 4: Select the score you wish to give.

  • Step 5: Read the prompt - this tells you that the score you give will not be impacted by any future assessments (the score will remain what you change it to unless you revert it). If you still wish to override, select Override.

➡️ Helpful Information

  • Notice - the overridden score will appear in bold text along with an asterisk. This is for easy identification of overridden scores vs. Otus calculated scores.

  • Reverting a Score - do you want to revert your overridden score back to the Otus calculation? Select the dropdown menu, then select Revert Score. Read the prompt for confirmation, then select Revert.

Student and Family Gradebook View

The gradebook as seen from within both a student and family account will show the indication of an overridden score, just as it does in the teacher's gradebook. Any overridden score will be indicated with bold font and an asterisk.


  • Will there be an indication of overridden scores on report cards? No. When running report cards, there will not be an indication of an overridden score. The Otus calculations and overridden scores will appear the same; there isn't any special font or symbol to indicate an overridden score on report cards.

  • How does the Mastery Settings impact the overridden score? The overridden score will stay the same across all mastery settings. For example, if you were in Mean when you made the override, that score will the same if you change to Mode, Most Recent, Highest, or Decaying Average.

  • Will Standards Analytics show the overridden score? No. The overridden score will not carry over into standards analytics. The original, Otus calculated score is what will be used in standards analytics.

  • Does the overridden score impact the Total Grade? Yes. If your district has the Total Grade column, any override of an individual standard will impact this total grade.

  • Do students and families get notifications or see a history of when scores are overridden? No, students and families will see the overridden score in the gradebook, but they will not see a history of overridden scores, or receive a notification when a score is overridden.

  • Do students and families have the ability to see what the original Otus calculated score was after it has been overridden? Unless you revert the score back to its original Otus calculation, the students and families will not see the original score after it has been overridden.

Otus Live Video

Below is a video from our Otus Live series on how to use standards gradebook override.

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