➡️ When are the grades sent from Otus to Infinite Campus?

Otus will send grades to Infinite Campus based on the following rules:

  • Due Date: If the assessment has a due date, Otus will send the assessment to Infinite Campus on that date.

  • No Due Date: If the assessment does not have a due date, the assessment is sent one week after the start date.

    • Start Date:

      • The date the assessment was assigned.

If you would like to prevent an assignment from being passed back after removing the grade from IC, you can choose to Not Include the Grade in the final grade, or remove the assignment from Otus.

If you adjust assessment settings to "Include Score in Final Grade" after it has been assigned, scores will be sent to Infinite Campus after the sync.

❗ If it was assigned prior to the start date, it will not be passed back.

➡️ What grades pass back?

  • Only points-based grades pass back to Infinite Campus. If you selected a standards-based grading scale for your assessment, that data will not pass back to Infinite Campus.

➡️ How do I change a grade after it has been passed back?

  • We recommend that you make the change in Otus. That change will then be passed back to Infinite Campus.

➡️ If I have my gradebook in Otus weighted, will that pass back?

  • Gradebook weighting does not transfer between Otus and Infinite Campus. If you do weight your gradebooks, we recommend that you set up the weighting in both systems to match.

➡️ Why aren't my grades showing up in Infinite Campus?

There are a few things to consider:

  • We send grade information from Otus to Infinite campus each night. If you entered or modified the grade in Otus later in the evening, that may have happened after the sync was already in progress.

  • It could be that the assessment had an open-ended item that needs to be graded by you before the assessment is considered fully graded.

  • The due date has not yet arrived.

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