Generating a Key and Secret

A Key and Secret will need to be generated and given to Otus so we can read data from the API Server. A Key and Secret is synonymous with a username and password.

Step 1: Set Up

  • Browse to Product Setup →
  • Skyward Contact Access →
  • Secured User →
  • Click Add →
  • Click the Organization button →
  • Enter Organization (Vendor) Name →
  • Click Add Entered name to Secure Users →
  • Enter Address Info and Save (optional) →
  • Enter Demographic Info and Continue (optional) →
  • Enter Security Info desired and Save →
  • Note: The user must remain active, other settings can remain at the default.

Step 2: Generate

  • Highlight the New Organization User in the Secured User list →
  • Click the API button in the lower right corner of the screen →
  • Click Generate New key →
  • Note: If the API button is not available please make sure you are running the June 2016 Release + Addendum 10 or later.

Step 3: Share

  • Copy and Paste the Key and Secret into a document. (Do not screenshot.)
  • Upload this document to ShareFile.
  • Contact your Otus technology coach to let them know that you have uploaded the credentials document to ShareFile.
  • Your technology coach will then contact you with next steps.


You have just successfully generated and shared your Skyward credentials!

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