Note - This article applies to Simple, Advanced, and Rubric Assessments. Plus (+) Assessments cannot be cloned, therefore the grading scale can only be selected when creating a new Plus (+) Assessment.


While you can not change the grading scale of an assessment, you can clone the assessment and upon cloning, will have the option to specify the grading scale of your new copy.

You can only update cloned assessments with these options:
- Non-points to non-points (Ex. "Mastery, Near Mastery, etc." to "Proficient, Developing, Emerging, etc.")
- Points to non-points

If you would like to change your grading scale, from Assessments clone the assessment you wish to edit. Click the three dots to the right of the Assessment, and select clone.

Rename your clone, change the category if you'd like, and most importantly, here is where you can change the grading scale used for the new clone of your existing assessment.

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