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Activating Turnitin | Main Admin
Activating Turnitin | Main Admin

This article will show administrators how to activate their Turnitin integration

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This article will show how to activate Turnitin from the Main Admin Account. This feature is only available to districts that have active Turnitin Subscriptions.

➡️ If you are an administrator interested in purchasing Turnitin, please contact the Turnitin sales department.

➡️ If you are a district that has already purchased Turnitin, please follow the steps below to activate it to use in Otus!

  • Step 1: Select the Integrations tab from within the Control Center.

  • Step 2: Switch the toggle on for Turnitin.

  • Step 3: Follow the directions on the prompt and enter the Base URL and the API Key.

❗ If you have any questions regarding your Turnitin subscription, contact your Turnitin account manager for proper setup.

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