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NebSIS Gradebook Passback: Guide for Teachers
NebSIS Gradebook Passback: Guide for Teachers

Sync graded points-based assessments to your NebSIS Gradebook.

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Note: NebSIS is a Student Information System provided by Educational Service Unit #3. This feature is available for Otus-subscribed districts who utilize NebSIS as their SIS. If you wish to set up this integration, please have your administrator contact our team.

Follow the steps below to successfully transfer points-based assessment data from Otus to NebSIS.

1. Create the Assignment in NebSIS.

Make special note of the Assignment Name as the name you enter NebSIS will need to match what is entered in Otus. The same Assignment Name cannot be entered twice.

2. Create the Assessment in Otus.

Assessment Name
Begin by entering the Assessment Name in Otus. The name you enter in Otus must match what you have entered in NebSIS. 

Assessment = Otus' word for NebSIS Assignment

A simple way to ensure the Assessment Name is entered correctly is to Copy and Paste the name you entered in NebSIS to Otus.

The table below highlights how variations in the Assessment Name will impact a successful passback of scores to NebSIS. Case-variations in the Assessment Name will not impact pass back but additional characters will prevent scores from successfully posting to NebSIS.

Assessment Type
The following options exist in the "Select Assessment Type" drop-down in Otus: 

Assignment, Checklist, Homework, Journal, Lab, Observation, Paper, Presentation, Project, Quiz, Test, Worksheet

The Assessment Type you select in Otus is irrelevant. Data will post to the Type category you selected in NebSIS when creating the Assignment.

3. Select a Grading Scale
A Points Grading Scale must be selected in order for pass back to occur. Teachers can still align each question to standards and view progress in the Otus Standards Gradebook.

Once your students have taken the assessment and the teacher has graded the assessment, your data will flow to NebSIS.

All data, including new and changed records, flow to NebSIS on a nightly basis. 

Changes to scores will appear in the Otus gradebook immediately after grading; changes to scores will appear in the NebSIS gradebook after the nightly sync.

The video below provides an overview of the content presented in this article.

Additional Grade Passback Considerations:

If you do not want an Otus score to passback, simply do not create the assignment in NebSIS. The data will not post until the assignment is built in NebSIS.

Any weighting of grades will need to be configured in NebSIS.

In order to fully remove a record from NebSIS, the data will need to be deleted in NebSIS and Otus. Data can be removed/deleted from Otus using the Unassign feature

In order for grades to pass back to your SIS, the user who has assigned the assessment must be included in the Gradebook Passback Teacher Group in Otus. We recommended that any teacher, co-teacher, or administrator, who may be assigning assessments are added to the Gradebook Passback Teacher Group in Otus.

Assessments assigned directly to a class from an Otus Administrator (who is not in your SIS) will not passback to the gradebook. This assessment should be assigned to the class by the teacher.

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