This article introduces the primary features of the Calendar module and includes links to the applicable articles for each feature.

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Teachers: Using the Calendar

Creating Calendar Events

Events can be added to the Calendar manually or automatically.

➡️ Manually

  • Click the + button in the top right corner.

➡️ Automatically

  • Rubric and Advanced Assessments with Due Dates will automatically appear on the Calendar.

  • Integrating the Calendar with your Google Calendar will show all of the events from your Google Calendar and allow you to add events to your Google Calendar directly from your Otus Calendar.

Viewing and Editing Calendar Events

From the Calendar and Events view, you can view events for all classes or for only the classes you've selected.

After you create an event, you can edit the event details or delete it entirely.


Students - Using the Calendar

In Student accounts, the Calendar has many of the same features available to teachers, including the ability to:

  • Add Events

  • Integrate with their Google Calendar

  • View events added by their teachers

  • View events across All Classes or filter by a specific class

Family - Viewing the Calendar

In Family accounts, the Calendar offers the ability to:

  • View Calendar (day, week, month view) per student in your family and per class

  • View students' Events for any particular day

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