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Add an Otus Blog to a Lesson Activity
Add an Otus Blog to a Lesson Activity

How to add an Otus blog as an activity to a lesson.

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Lessons are a great way to provide varied learning experiences for students to reinforce classroom learning or to provide effective remote learning experiences for students. This article will walk you through adding an existing Otus blog as an activity in your lesson.

Step 1: Create a New Activity

  • While in your lesson, select the + Add Activity tile.

  • Choose + Add Resource.

Step 2: Add the Link

  • Select the Link option.

  • Copy the link below and paste it into the Link text field.

The link is universal! They will take each student to their unique blog page.

Step 3: Format the Activity

  • Add a title (we suggest using the title of blog you are referencing).

  • Add Instructions (optional). For example, add instructions that include the action of "clicking the link".

  • Add an image (optional).

  • Select Save.

  • When the student clicks on Open Link, they will be taken to their blog page.

💡 Tip: You may see a 6th activity option that says "Add External Tool". For more information, click here. Note that this 6th option does not play any role in adding a blog as described in this article.

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