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Student Guide: Understand Your Home Page
Student Guide: Understand Your Home Page

For students: Learn all about the notifications and to do list on your home page.

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When you log in to your student account, your home page will display a notification feed and a to do list. Let's learn about what you can find on your home page.

Notification Feed

The Notification Feed is an activity feed to list each time that you've been assigned an assessment or a lesson, an assessment has been graded, or when a class board or blog post has been added.

What You See

Assessment Notifications

Click on an assessment notification to go straight to the assessments module. You'll see these notifications when an assessment is assigned or graded.

Lesson Notifications

Click on a lesson notification to go directly to the lessons module.

Class Board Notifications

Click on any class board notifications to go directly to that class board post. From there, you can view and comment on the post.

Recognition Notifications

Click on a recognition notification to see your list of recognitions for that class.

Blog Notifications

Click on a blog notification to see that blog post. From there, you can view or leave a comment.

To Do List

Your To Do list displays assigned assessments and lessons that have not been completed yet. It is on your Home page.

What You See


  • the name of the assessment

  • the class it was assigned in

  • the status (not started or in progress)

  • missing status (shows until turned in)

  • the due date (if there is one)

  • the number of points the assessment is worth (if points are given)


  • the name of the lesson

  • the class it was assigned in

  • the number of completed activities and total activities in the lesson

  • a due date (if there is one)

How It Works

➡️ Assessments and lessons are listed in order of their due date. If they don't have a due date, they are in the order of when they were assigned. Overdue assessments and lessons are always at the top of the list.

Due Date Information

  • If the due date is within 3 days, an orange exclamation point will be next to the due date.

  • If the due date has passed, the due date will turn orange.

➡️ You can click on an item to go directly to that assessment or lesson.

➡️ You see 3 assessments and/or lessons at once. If you have more assessments or lessons, click Show All. To hide them again, click Show Less.

➡️ When you complete an assessment or lesson, it is no longer on the To Do list.

➡️ Assessments that are marked as Excused or Excluded are not listed on the To Do list.

➡️ Missing assessments show on the To Do list even after they are assigned a grade.

FAQ and Troubleshooting Information

Click to see FAQ and troubleshooting information

Can I remove things from my notification feed?

No, items are not removed or updated on the notification feed. If you click on a notification and get an error, it is because the teacher unassigned the lesson or assessment.

Can students remove things from the To Do list?

Once you submit an assessment or complete the lesson activities, they will no longer show on the to do list. That is the only way to remove them.

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