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A brief overview of the Blog module

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The Blog allows teachers to have informal and conversational-style communication. It can be used for both whole-class communication and private communication.

Creating a Post

  • Many different file types can be added to posts; links, PDFs, videos, images, audio clips, or Google Drive documents.

  • The ability to comment can be controlled by the teacher.

  • Posts can be published immediately, saved as a draft, or scheduled to post at a specific time.

The Class Feed

  • All posts made by the teacher and students can be viewed here.

  • The teacher can turn off the ability to comment on/off for the entire class feed (rather than just an individual post).

  • Teachers can delete posts made by students, as well as add posts to a student's portfolio.

Student Interaction with the Blog

  • Students can create their own posts and comment on others' posts (as long as the commenting ability has been left on by the teacher).

  • Students can delete their own posts and comments made on other posts.

  • Students can "lock" a post - meaning it will only be visible to the teacher, rather than the entire class.

Private Communication

The Otus Blog tool can be used by students to privately message teachers and by teachers to respond to and privately message students.

A video showing this process is below:

FAQ and Troubleshooting

Click to see FAQ and troubleshooting details

Where can I find Blog drafts?

To locate Blog drafts you’ve saved, go to Blog - My Posts tab - verify the class in the drop-down menu in the top right. Any draft will say SAVED AS DRAFT.

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