If you are experiencing troubles or inconsistencies with scanning bubble sheets, settings may need to be adjusted for optimal performance. 

See the video example below:

  • Your webcam doesn't seem to be capturing the form

  • The green border appears and disappears frequently

  • You get the following error message:

Troubleshooting Tips

➡️ Screen Zoom

  • Verify your browser screen has a zoom of 100% (no more, no less).

➡️ Lighting

  • Are there any lights behind you that could be causing a glare? Angle the computer screen downward or move locations to ensure that there aren't any lights within the webcam's view that could be causing a glare

  • Turn on any lights that would help in making the form more clear (but not cause a glare)

➡️ Expand the Viewing Area:

  • Click on the Camera/Scan button to expand the viewing area.

  • This will allow you to see more clearly where you are holding the form relative to the camera

➡️ Share Your Scan

Otus partners with GradeCam in providing Bubble Sheet assessments. With that partnership comes the ability for our users to obtain direct support from GradeCam regarding the scanning of your Bubble Sheets.


  • You can share the scan with our Otus Support Team through the chat tool, and we would be happy to assist in any way we can.

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