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Advanced Assessment Question Category: Other
Advanced Assessment Question Category: Other

This article will provide an overview of the question types that are considered "other".

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When creating an advanced assessment, one of the available categories is labeled "Other". There are 4 question types in this category. See below for more details on each, including links to their specific help articles.

File Upload

The File Upload question type allows students to upload a file for the teacher to view when grading the assessment.

Image Annotation Upload

This question type allows students to upload and annotate an image. The question can be used in two ways.


The Rating question is useful for obtaining student feedback, or as a rubric for use by the teacher when providing feedback to the student. This is a non auto-scored question.


In this question type, students are presented with a grid of columns containing bubbles, with the numbers 0 to 9 in a vertical list underneath

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