When creating an advanced assessment, one of the available categories is for fill in the blank or labeling questions. There are 6 question types in this category. See below for more details on each, including links to their specific help articles.

Fill in the Blanks Options

Labeling Options:

Cloze Text

The student can type their responses into empty response boxes that have been inserted into a passage of text.

Cloze Drag and Drop

Students can drag their responses from a list of options into empty response boxes.

Cloze with Drop Down

This allows students to select the correct answer from a response box drop down menu situated in a passage of text.

Label Image with Drag and Drop

Students can select from a list of potential answers and drag them to the correct response box on an image.

Label Image with Drop Down

Students select their response from a drop down menu located somewhere on an image.


Label Image with Text

This allows students to enter text into response box labels positioned on an image.

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