The Passage is a Learnosity Item FEATURE that you can insert into your Advanced Assessment items in Otus.

This feature allows you to embed a passage, and if needed, can be used in conjunction with another question type, as shown below:

To add a passage, follow these steps:

Step 1: In the Feature Editor area, insert the passage Heading and then Contents. This field supports HTML-formatted data and includes font styling, paragraph styling, layout templating, embedded images, LaTeX, and MathML.

  • Step 2: Select Save

To add a passage and a question to the same item

After following the instructions in the section above, you'll be taken back to the Item Bank list:

Then, follow these instructions (to see the entire process, view the GIF at the bottom of this section):

  • Step 1: Select the item

  • Step 2: From the item preview, select Edit. This will bring you back into the Learnosity Advanced Assessment builder:

  • Step 3: To add another question to this item, select the Add button:

  • Step 4: Select your additional question type, and build out your question and answer

  • Step 5: Select Save when you're done

  • After that, you'll be taken back to view the entire item, including the Passage and question you've added. (Note - the Add button is still available if you wanted to include additional questions in this item. If you add more than one question and link standards, the standards will apply to all the questions on the page):

Here is that process in its entirety:


You may also format the passage and question to be side-by-side:

To see how to adjust the item layout as shown in the image above, review this article:


Paginated Passages

You can enable paginated content on a shared passage at any time, either when you create the passage or when you edit an existing passage. Check the box beside Enable paginated content - this can be found underneath More options. Multiple text input fields will now appear in the contents area, and each one represents a separate page of the passage.

Use Preview to see how students can view and interact with the paginated passage:

Drag-and-drop the pages using the drag handle on the left of each text input field:


Next Steps


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