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Imagetool for Advanced Assessments
Imagetool for Advanced Assessments

How to insert an interactive image into your Advanced Assessment

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The Imagetool is a feature that you can insert into your Advanced Assessment items. Features are like the "extras" you can add to your items. For more information on questions vs features, click here.

Imagetool allows users to upload their own image as a feature and allow students to interact with it. It is used in conjunction with another question type, as shown below.


  • This example is using a compass in conjunction with a Multiple Choice question.

Add the Imagetool

The example below shows how to add the Imagetool to an item that contains a multiple choice question. The Imagetool can be added to any item at any time

💡Tip: Rather than adding the this feature to an empty item, We recommend building the question first, then adding the Imagetool. If you haven't built the question yet, that's ok too, you can just add it later.

  • Step 1: While in the item you wish to add the Imagetool to, select the + symbol to add a new feature.

  • Step 2: Select the Features tab and choose the Imagetool.

  • Step 3: To add your image, select the blue Edit button. The link already uploaded is the default compass; it will be replaced once you add your own image

    • Select Replace Image, choose and open the image from your device, then select OK.

  • Step 4: Optional Settings

There are a few optional settings you can adjust for layout, button type, and more. Click to see additional information.

Button, Button Icon, & Label

  • Button: If you want the image to first appear as a button the students have to click on, choose this option. The Button Icon and Label options are only relevant if you choose to have a button.

  • Button Icon: You can customize the button with your own image by selecting the blue Edit button. Otherwise, leave "Generic" in this field, and it will appear as a standard button (shown in the example below)

  • Label: The label is what will appear on the button (if you choose "Generic" as the icon).

Size (width and height)

  • You can adjust the size of the image by customizing the width and height here.

Show Rotate Icon

  • The rotate icon will allow students to rotate the image. If you would like to disable this, uncheck this box.

  • Step 5: Save.

  • Step 6: Move (optional) - If the image is not where you'd like it, you can move it to another location in the item by selecting the drag and drop icon on the right side. See the example below.

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