In Advanced Assessments, you have the ability to set multiple answers for a question that would award the student partial credit.

Here is an example question:

The correct answer is -7. I want to award points based on the following:

  • 1 point for an answer of -7
  • 0.5 points for an answer of 7

*Note - This particular question is a Cloze Math question, but adding multiple answers is the same process for the other questions types as well.

The Steps

To set the correct answer of -7

To set the partial-credit answer of 7:

To test out your answers:

  • Click on the preview button. This will allow you to see the points that would be awarded for any answer you type in.
  • In the example below, notice: how with an answer of -7, which is the correct answer, the points turned green, indicating that it is correct and earned the full point value of the question.
  • With an answer of 7, the points did not turn green, indicating the answer is not correct, but it does show that this answer would earn 0.5 points.

When you have finished, click SAVE, and you are all set!

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