When looking at the 'Otus' Gradebook, you may notice that the class average percentage calculated may look slightly different than the class average point total. The reason for this is because we calculate the average percentage of the class based on the total number of points the class earned, and we use that percentage before calculating the average points score. 

For instance, if nine students took a test out of 3 points, and collectively scored 21 out of the total 27 points, the class average would then be calculated to 0.7 with a repeating decimal, which calculates to a percentage of 77.78%.

From there, we multiply that repeating decimal by 3 to calculate the point average, which would equal 2.3 with a repeating decimal.  We round that repeating decimal to equal 2.33/3.  If you were to divide that to get a percentage, you'll see it will equal 77.67% rounded (because of when the percentage was calculated).  We calculate it earlier with the total points, as it is a more accurate representation of the data.  For an illustration of the example above, see the image and calculation below. 

9 Students (2.33/3 => 77.78%)
21/27 = 0.7777... * 3 = 2.3333...
2.33/3 = 0.7766...

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