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Respondus Lockdown Browser Guide for Mobile Device Manager (MDM) Installation
Respondus Lockdown Browser Guide for Mobile Device Manager (MDM) Installation

Resources you need in order to use your MDM to push the Lockdown Browser to student devices in the district.

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What is the Lockdown Browser?

The Lockdown Browser will prevent students from using any other programs or tabs while taking the assessment.

Students won't be able to take assessments with the Lockdown Browser until the lockdown browser package is installed on students' devices.  There are two ways to install the Lockdown Browser:

  • Through a Mobile Device Manager (MDM)

  • By the students on their individual devices.

The easiest and most efficient way is through your district's MDM. If your district doesn't use a mobile device manager, students should be able to follow the instructions when taking a locked-down assessment, and the package should install just fine. For more information, check out these articles on how to install the Lockdown Browser on a PC, Mac, or iPad.

If You Are Using Your District's MDM:

Click HERE for Mac and HERE for PC to download the Respondus Lockdown Browser package to load into your MDM.

If you are in need if an .msi file, please reach out to us in the chat feature for assistance!

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