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Understand Assessment Completion Statuses
Understand Assessment Completion Statuses

Student's assessments will have one of four completion statuses: not started, in progress, turned in, and graded.

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For any assessment that students complete and submit in Otus, a completion status will be assigned. This article will define the following statuses: Not Started, In Progress, Turned In, and Graded.

Completion statuses differ from the submission statuses of On Time, Missing, Late, Excused, or Excluded. Learn more about submission statuses here.

Understanding Completion Statuses

Completion statuses are assigned automatically. They cannot be manually adjusted.


Rubric Assessment

Simple/Advanced Assessment

Completion statuses are triggered by actions taken by either the student or teacher.

Not Started

Indicates the student has not started the assessment yet.

In Progress

Indicates the student has started the assessment but has not turned it in yet.

Turned In

Indicates the student has turned in the assessment, but it has not been graded yet.


Indicates the assessment has been graded.

Viewing Completion Status as a Student

When students open their assessments module, they will see their Status represented in the last column.

Students will see New! instead of Not Started.

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