Main administrator account holders have the ability to bulk upload family information into Otus. 

**Please know that this does not create accounts for family members. These account holders will still have to create an account by visiting and entering their child's student code. 

Bulk uploads of family information are done in the Control Center of the main admin account.

Step 1: Once in the Control Center, click on Uploads. The default landing page for uploads is the Family Information tab.

Step 2: Download and complete the template (you can download the template from either option shown below).

  • Clicking on the information symbol will show you the required and optional elements of the template

Step 4: Once the template has been filled out, upload it by dragging and dropping or clicking inside the indicated box.


Bulk Family Uploads FAQ

  • Teachers can also add family contact information; will this information be overwritten by the upload? No - manually added family contact information, including the creation of family accounts and linking to students, is not overwritten by the bulk upload.

  • Will a new upload overwrite the contact information from the previous upload? Yes - the new upload overwrites the previous information. Please ensure any information you want to keep exists in the new file.

  • Will a new upload overwrite any information that has been added to Family Communication Log? No, a new upload will not overwrite any information that is on the Family Communication Log.


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