As students complete lessons, they mark each activity as complete. Teachers have the option of forcing students to complete activities in the order presented or allowing students to complete them at random.

Progressing Through Activities

Step 1️⃣ : Head over to your Lessons module and click on the lesson you want to start working on.

Step 2️⃣ : Click on an activity and read the instructions.

❓ Do you see lock symbols on your tiles? That means you have to complete the activities in order. After you have marked an activity "completed," the next activity can be opened.

Step 3️⃣ : Mark the activity Completed when you are finished.

Step 4️⃣ : If you need to finish parts of your lesson later, click on Save and Exit.

Step 5️⃣ : Once you've marked all of your activities "Completed," you're done! The lesson will show Completed as the status in your lesson list.

Question Activities

Your teacher may have included activities that make you answer questions.

Here's What You Need to Know:

  • After submitting a response, the activity is automatically marked complete.

  • You are not able to change your response after you have submitted your answer.

Otus Live Video

Below is a video from our Otus Live Series demonstrating how students complete a Lesson in Otus.

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