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  • This is a numeric value for either ELA or Math. ELA = 1 , Math = 2


Student Email/SIS ID:

  • You only need one of those.


  • Not needed, but include if it is in the file

Last Name, First Name, Grade Assessed:

  • All needed, should be in the file

Tested LEA Name:

  • This is the District name. Could be under the header “Enrolled District”

Tested School Name:

  • The school name should be in the file, could be under the header “Enrolled School”

Test Completion Dates:

  • Only one column is mandatory. 

If not in the file, you may need to add it.

Smarter Claim Scores

For ELA (Take care to match up these columns, as different states present these categories in different orders): 

  • Claim Score 1 is Reading 

  • Claim Score 2 is Writing

  • Claim Score 3 is Listening

  • Claim Score 4 is Research/Inquiry

For Math (Take care too match up these columns, as different states present these categories in different orders):

  • Claim Score 1: Problem Solving & Modeling/Data Analytics

  • Claim Score 2: Concepts & Procedures

  • Claim Score 3: Communicating and Reasoning

Smarter Claim Score: (not required if not there)

  • This is a numeric value in the 2000s associated with the correct claim score

Smarter Performance Level: 

  • This should be a numeric value from 1-3. In some files, it might say “Below, Approaching, Above.” If that is the case, you will have to find-->replace those terms to match the numbers. See the key below:

    • 1 = Below Expectations/ Below Standard

    • 2 = Nearly Meets Expectations or Approaching Standard

    • 3 = Meets or Exceeds Standard/ Above Standard

Scale Score: 

  • This is the total scale score for the assessment (either ELA or Math)

Standard Error Measurement: 

  • This is the total SEM for the entire assessment (ELA or Math) not the subcategories

Achievement Levels: 

  • This is the total achievement level for the entire assessment (ELA or Math)

❗️Otus enables educators and administrators to upload SBAC assessment data for students. This student information can be uploaded and viewed within the Analytics, 3rd Party module of the platform.

There are two options when it comes to uploading SBAC data:

➡️ Option 1: Otus uploads the data for you. Please email us at or contact your Client Experience Partner to let us know that you would like to have SBAC data uploaded. You can also check out this video from our Otus Live series for more information on how to share 3rd party data with Otus.

➡️ Option 2: Main Administrators can upload the data from within the Main Admin account, without needing to send it to us. The link below will help with this option!

The Otus Student Performance Platform enables educators and administrators to upload Smarter Balance Assessment Consortium data for students.

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