From the Polls module, select Results, then click on the poll you wish to view the results for.
- this is also where you can delete a poll.

This will bring you to the page containing your poll results:

1 - If your poll is currently active, you can deactivate it by toggling this button off.

2 - This list contains all students in the class. The colors correspond to the colors on the pie-chart to the left. There will also be a date/time stamp for when they submitted their answer.

3 - This is a pie-chart that represents the answers to the poll. Hovering over any section will show how many students (and what percentage of the class) submitted that answer.

4 - This will give you the option to download the poll for printing and/or saving purposes.

5 - If you are displaying these results to the entire class, but wish to hide the names and/or timestamps, select either one of these options.

That's it, you've now learned how to access the results of your polls!

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