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Student Guide: Take a Simple Assessment
Student Guide: Take a Simple Assessment

For students: Learn how to log in and take a simple assessment in Otus.

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This step-by-step guide will show you how to log into Otus and take the assessments that your teachers have assigned to you.

1️⃣ Log into Otus

Use your school email and password to log in.

Check with your teacher to see if you should use one of the sign-on options instead.

2️⃣ Click on Assessments.

➡️ Click directly on the notification that the assessment was assigned to go directly to that assessment.

➡️ Click on the assessment in your To Do list.

3️⃣ Find the Assessment in the List.

Find the assessment and click on it.

➡️ Search for your assessment in the search field.

➡️ Choose the class from the dropdown menu to narrow the search.

➡️ Filter your assessment list based on the status such as New!, Graded, Turned In, or In Progress.

4️⃣ Read the details and select Start.

5️⃣ Answer the questions.

  • When the assessment begins, you will start on Question 1.

  • See the diagram below to show you what the different parts of the assessment are.

Question List

➡️ Completed questions are shaded in dark.

➡️ The current question has a pencil instead of the number.

6️⃣ Submit the assessment:

Click Submit at the bottom.

You'll see a warning if you haven't completed every question.

❗️Important Note❗️

Be sure you've completed the assessment completely before you submit the assessment. Once you submit an assessment, you cannot go back and answer any unanswered questions or adjust any responses. Submitting an assessment locks that assessment, and it will be submitted for grading.

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