Welcome to Otus!  If you're a teacher, and you're brand new to Otus, you're in the right place.  


If you are a teacher in a district that has adopted Otus, there is a very likely chance you already have an account created for you. To avoid confusion and duplicate accounts, please check with your administration regarding the details of your district's Otus account creation.

Creating an Account

  • Step 1: Click Create a New Account.

  • Step 2: Select your user type, click Continue

  • Step 3: Fill in your first name, last name, country and phone number. Click Continue.

  • Step 3: Create your login email and password. Select Continue (make sure to follow the password requirements).

  • Step 4: Select your district and school site from the drop down and agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.  If you're having trouble finding your district or school site, click Email Us and fill out the information.

Next Steps

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