As a family member that is connected to one or multiple students in Otus, you have the ability to see results from your student's assessments. From the main page, select Assessment from the left navigation menu.

Within this screen, you will be able to toggle between your connected students and their classes from two different drop-down menus along the top of the page.

Below that, you will see the Points grade book and the ability to switch between various grading periods from another drop-down menu.

Once you have selected the student, class(es), and grading period(s), you will be able to see a general overview of your student's assessment results including the class, subject, teacher name, total points, total %, and letter grade.

Upon clicking on one of the rows for a specific class, you are able to see a detailed breakdown of student results including the assessment title, assessment type, submission status, date submitted, total points, total %, and letter grade.

Family members will not be able to see the actual individual rubric-based or item-based assessment unless that assessment is added to the student's portfolio by the teacher or the student.

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