Teachers in Otus can create lessons or units of study. Teachers can add a variety of learning activities to a lesson. Lesson Activities can be from the Assessment, Bookshelf, Blog, Browser and Poll modules. Activities are not locked in any sequential order. Additionally, all lesson activities are displayed as the lesson is assigned.

Select Lessons.

Select  + Create Lesson.

Enter a Title, if desired add directions, a due date and grading period then select Save.

Select Add Activity

Enter a Title for the Learning Activity and select Module (Assessment, Bookshelf, Blog, Browser or Poll.) Please note: when Poll & Blog are selected as the module, the Item field is inactive. You may add Directions for students to access specific Polls or Blog during the learning process.


Select Item and choose the specific activity from the selected module.

When completed, select Save. You have successfully added an activity to a Lesson! To add another activity to your lesson, select Add Activity.

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