Otus has the ability to integrate directly with NWEA so you don't have to manually upload MAP data into our analytics module.  First, you have to make sure you've connected your NCES ID to your NWEA account.  Contact us at support@otus.com if you know your NCES ID isn't connected.

First, you'll need to enable the connection to Otus from within your NWEA account.  From your home screen, click Manage Data Partners in the left hand menu. 

From there, you should see Otus, as one of the options to set up.  Click Otus to start the process. 

NWEA will prompt you to give them permission to send data to Otus. Follow the instructions on the prompt, and check necessary boxes. .

From there, you should be able to select Accept Agreement.  This will finish the process from within the NWEA account.  You should see a green check mark next to Otus if the integration step was successful. 

Now, log into the main admin account in Otus and head to the Control Center. From there, click on Integrations

To schedule a sync for the next night, click the ellipses in the row for NWEA, and click Sync Tonight

That's it!  That night, Otus should pull the scores for all students from your NWEA account for you to view in Otus analytics.  For every night you wish to schedule a sync, click Sync Tonight again in the Control Center, no need to go back into NWEA and give permission again. 

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