Users may add students to their classes by Email,  provide students with a Class Code, or by creating new student accounts and adding them to your class via CSV upload (recommended for uploading many students at one time.)

Adding Students via Email

If a student already has an Otus account, you can add them by entering their email address into the “Class Info” section of your class.

Select Class Info from the secondary navigation menu of the desired class.

Enter each student's email in the Add Students by Email field.  After entering a student's email, their email should appear as a drop down selection.  If there email doesn't appear, that means they don't have an account yet and can only be added with the class code or a .CSV upload. Click on the drop down, then add more students the same way.

*If the student does not have an account, after typing in their email, you will be prompted to fill out information to create an account for the student. 

Provide Students with Class Code

If a student already has an Otus account they may join classes by entering your Class Code.

Student View:

Adding (and Creating) Student Accounts Via CSV Upload

If a student does not have an Otus account, you may create their account and add them to your class by downloading our CSV upload template.

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