Enter the "Control Center" module.

Select "Create Scale"

 Enter the Grading Scale Name, Labels for each level,  and Description (optional).

Select Save!

Once you have created a Grading Scale as a Main Administrator, you have the ability to choose which grade levels have access to that scale. From the Home Page within the Main Administrator account, head to the Control Center.

Don't forget to restrict each grade level to a single grading scale.  By doing this, you're making sure all teachers in the same grade level are using the same scale. This is important because our reports will only pull data for assessments with the same scale.  

The Control Center provides additional options for Grading Scales, Admin Permissions, and Custom Standards. You are automatically taken to the Grading Scales page after entering the Control Center. 

From here, you will see the grading scales that are visible to each grade level. You have the option to allow all grades to have access to the grading scale, or you can limit it to certain grading scales. 

To adjust the visibility of certain grade scales, click on the section below Visible To. You can select the X to remove certain grade levels. If you click the box a second time, a drop-down menu will appear that will allow you to select or deselect various grade levels.

**If a teacher is unable to see a grading scale in their account, make sure to remind them to set a grade for the class they are teaching within the Class Info section of their class.  They can set the grade level for a class by selecting Class Info from the Classes module. This can also be done from admin account. Here is a link on how to view information on a class.

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