For more information about embedding HTML on a Bookshelf page, click here. For more information about adding an iFrame to a Bookshelf page, click here.

First, select Bookshelf from the menu on the left hand side.

In the top right corner of your screen, click the plus sign and select Resource

Select what type of resource you would like to add to the Bookshelf. Your options include browse (files from your computer), image, video, youtube url, audio, Google Drive file, Microsoft OneDrive file, or a text page respectively as shown in the image below.

Follow the applicable instructions for the file type you are uploading.  Make sure to enter a Title, and share with classes if you wish to do that now.

When you are finished, select Save.

Voila! You've successfully added a resource to your Bookshelf.  Did you know that we also have a Google Chrome extension?  With the extension, you can add a resource to the Bookshelf as you browse any website.

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