You can view the information on each of your classes to access your class code, add a co-teacher, restrict the browser, open up family access, archive a class or access a class that has been archived.

From the home screen, select Classes

Select Class Info from the secondary navigation window

View and edit the desired class information fields. You can also set your class to Allow New Students if you want to be able to allow students to add themselves to your class with a class code.

 If you have another teacher who works with your students, this is where you can add that person as a co-teacher.  If they already have an account with Otus, you can enter their email field above, but if they don't, you can upload a .CSV with multiple teachers' information to add them quickly.

Once you have made all of your adjustments, select Save. If the save button is greyed out, make sure all of the drop down menus have values specified, including Subject, Language, and Grade.

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