Otus gives family members a simple way to contact teachers. By using the Mailbox, family members can email one or all of their student’s teachers with one click.

Notes about sending emails to teachers through Otus:

  • Emails sent to teachers from Otus go directly to that teachers' regular Email Inbox (not Otus).
  • Emails you send from the Otus Mailbox appear in the teacher's inbox as mailbox@otus.com.
  • A teacher can reply to your email sent from the Otus; they will go directly to your regular Email Inbox (not Otus)

Email a Single Teacher:

Select Classes from the home screen.

Select the envelope icon next to the teacher you would like to email.  

From the New Message screen, you can add recipients, enter a Subject line, and type the message you’d like to send to your child’s teacher. 

Once you’ve finished writing your message, select Send.

Email All Teachers:

Select Classes from the home screen.

Select Email All Teachers

That's it! You've now learned how to send teachers an email through Otus.

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