After selecting the type of poll (multiple choice, true/false or free response) and entering the poll question, you may select if student names or timestamp appear next to answers, whether a student can submit an answer to the poll question multiple times and even set a specific date and time for the poll question to expire.

Read below in order to learn more about the advanced options available to you within Polls.

When you view the results of a poll, you can decide to Hide the Timestamp or Hide Names. 

Select each checkbox in order to toggle each option On/Off.

By default, students are allowed to submit the answer to a poll question one-time. If desired, select Allow Resubmission in order to toggle back and forth. If toggled, the student will be able to submit an answer to the poll question multiple times.

You may also set a poll to expire on a certain date and/or time. To set a poll’s end time, select Set End Time from the right of the page. You may then select the desired date and time for the poll to expire. The poll will no longer be available to the assigned class after the selected date and/or time.

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