Otus has customizable space for regular writing activity. This is a great way for students to have conversations with their peers or answer specific teacher provided prompts. Teachers also have the option to create the posts ahead of time and set for students to view at a later date.

To Create a Post

To start, select Blog from the home screen. Then select Create Post.

Select the class(s) you would like to share the blog post with.

Enter a title for your post, if desired, upload an image for your blog post and write your blog in the text field.

NOTE - a title and text in the body of the post is required for the Publish button to activate.

Adding an Image to a Post

Select Upload. You have the option to upload an image, or images, from your computer or drag and drop the image(s) into the field.

This process will attach a file to your post.

If you'd like to add an image into the body of your post, see below:

  • Select the Image icon
  • Select Upload
  • Select Choose your File - pick the photo you'd like
  • Select Send it to the Server
  • Select OK


To Post/Publish:

Post Now: Will immediately publish the blog

Scheduled: Allows you to select a date for the blog to publish.

Publish: Will publish the blog with the settings selected. If Scheduled was selected, it will only be available for viewing when that date has been reached. If Post Now was selected, it will immediately publish the blog post.

Save as Draft: Will not publish the blog. It will save the blog for editing and will not be available for viewing until you select the Publish button.


Private Communication

The Otus Blog tool can be used by students to privately message teachers and by teachers to respond to and privately message students.

A video showing this process is below:



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