If you are transitioning to a new school year, it is a good idea to archive your classes. When you archive your class, it does not get deleted. You have the ability to bring your class back from the archive if you realize that there is something you need.

To archive a class, click Classes in the main navigation side bar. In Classes, make sure that the main class dropdown is set to the class you want to archive.

Go to Class Info in the Classes sub-navigation.

Click the ellipsis located in the upper right-hand corner of the page. Select Archive or Delete Class. 

Recovering an Archived Class

To view or recover archived classes, click your profile in the lower-left corner and select Edit Profile. 

Click Archived Classes to the left of your profile photo.

Find the class you would like to recover, and click Unarchive.  When prompted if you are sure, click Yes.

Deleting a Class

If you do want to delete your class, you also have that option from the Class Info page.

Click the ellipsis and then Delete button in the upper right-hand corner to delete your class.

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