Easily add an event to your Otus Calendar to stay up-to-date on your upcoming events, assignments, field trips, reminders, parties, and more. Students and family members that are connected to your classes can easily view events from your event calendar in their own accounts, keeping upcoming events in their minds.

Select Calendar from the home screen

Select the + Button to the right of the screen to add an event. 

Enter a Title, Date, and Time for the event.  If your event is all day, check the checkbox marked All Day.  Otherwise, select a start and end date/time for your event.

Choose if the event should repeat every day, week, or month.

Select the Calendar from the list that you would like to add the event to.

Add any notes, as needed, to the event and select the Save button to add the event to your Otus calendar.

Want more calendar information? Check out the links below!

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