If your district's SIS (Student Information System) syncs with Otus to roster students and classes, this feature will not be available.

Step 1: From the District Home screen, select Add Class.

Step 2
: Fill out all information fields.

Step 3:
Add Students:

       Option 1: Add Students Individually by Email Address

  • Type in their full email address
  • Hint Enter or Return on your keyboard
  • Click the email address when it appears underneath the text entry field
  • Repeat with remaining emails
  • Click the Add button

       Option 2: Upload an Entire Class by CSV

  • Click Download Template
  • Fill out template (do not change heading names)
  • Save the template (make sure it is saved as a CSV)
  • Click Choose file: select your file
  • Click the Upload button

Step 4:
Add Teacher and Co-Teachers
For Teacher:

  • Type in the entire email address.
  • Hit Enter or Return on your keyboard.
  • Select the Email Address

     For Co-Teacher(s) (optional):

  • Follow the same process for adding students, as outlined above. 

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