Gradebook Passback is available for Otus-subscribed districts who utilize PowerSchool as their Student Information System. Are you an administrator interested in setting up this feature for your team? Click here for more information.

Once configured, teachers should follow the steps below to successfully transfer points-based assessment data from Otus to PowerSchool.

Step 1: Create an Otus assessment using a Points Grading Scale.

Only assessments created using a Points Grading Scale will passback. If you select a Standards Based Grading scale for your assessment, the data will not passback to PowerSchool. The image below will help you to select the correct Grading Scale.

Please note the selected Assessment Type in Otus will be sent to a specific category in PowerSchool that has been defined by your administrators. Teachers can change the category in PowerSchool once the grade has been sent.

Step 2: Assign the assessment to students.

Please include a Due Date when you assign the assessment as PowerSchool requires one.

Select “Include Score in Final Grade” if your intent is to have the scores passback to PowerSchool. If the box below is not checked, the score will not passback to PowerSchool.

If the assessment is a Plus (+) assessment added to the Points Gradebook, the visual below displays the "Include Score in Final Grade" toggle.

Step 3: Grade the assessment.

If your assessment has open-ended items, please be sure to grade all of those items so that the assessment has a status of “Graded” in Otus. If you see a status of “Turned In,” that score will not passback as grading is still required on the teacher’s end.

After your assessment is graded, you can expect scores to passback with the nightly sync. This means that your scores will be visible in PowerSchool when you log in the following day. Please note that if you edit a score in PowerSchool but not in Otus, Otus will not overwrite the score in PowerSchool.

***Please know that status (excluded, excused, missing, etc.) of the assignment will not passback with the sync. These will have to be manually adjusted in PowerSchool.

Additional Grade Passback Considerations:

Any weighting of grades needs to be done in PowerSchool.

Certain adjustments to your assessment in Otus will cause the assessment score to resend to PowerSchool. Examples include:

  • If you edit the Assessment Title, Otus re-sends the score to PowerSchool.
  • If you edit the Assessment Type, Otus re-sends the score to PowerSchool.
  • If you edit a score in Otus, Otus re-sends the new score to PowerSchool.

If you assign the same assessment twice in your class, only the most recent attempt will display in PowerSchool. If you would like to assign the same assessment to your class, follow these directions to clone and edit the title to ensure both data points appear in PowerSchool.

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