To remove or unassign students from teacher-created student groups:

  • Select Classes, then Students.
  • Click on the group you want to unassign from your student.
  • Click "YES" to verify your decision.

That's it!

Teachers: Some Notes about Student Groups

  • student groups can be created by both district-level administrators and teachers
  • teachers cannot assign or unassign students to or from district-level groups
  • teachers can edit and delete their own teacher-created groups
  • teachers can assign and unassign students to their own teacher-created groups (To learn more about teacher-created student groups, check out this article.)
  • teachers cannot see each other's groups (except co-teachers in the same class)
  • parents and students cannot see any groups

Note: District-level groups appear as half-colored circles (purple arrows), while teacher-created groups appear as solid/filled-in circles (blue arrows):

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