Before you are able to use Google Meet, be sure that your District has enabled Google Meet. For G Suite Admin: Turn on Meet video calling

Step 1

Log into your Google Account and click the Google Meet icon:

Step 2
Copy the URL for Google Meet, paste it onto your Otus Bookshelf, and assign it to your class(es). You can also add the Google Meet link to any Lesson:

Step 3

In order to conduct an online class, you must create a "meeting code". Visit Google Meet and click "Join or start a meeting".

Step 4

Next, create a class code that will be shared with your students. "March11" was used in this example.

Step 5Share the meeting code with your class using the Class Board or by texting or emailing it to students using the Mailbox.

For more information about maximising the use of G Suite for remote learning, check out this video from Google.

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