The Blog Module allows for open teacher and student communication.

Accessing the Blog

Clicking on the Blog module will take the student directly to the "My Posts" blog page.

On this page, students will see a list of all posts they've made. From here, they can edit or delete any post.


Creating a Post

To create a post, the students will click on Create Post

The student can then build their post.

  • The student will add a title and content (this is required in order for the post to publish).
  • They can choose whether or not to allow comments.
  • They can make the post private (only the teacher will be able to see and comment on the post) - just switch the the toggle for Private to the on position.


Imbedding an Image

To imbed a picture into the post, the student will do the following:

  • Click on the Photo icon
  • Select Upload
  • Choose the file of the image they'd like to include
  • Select Send it to the Server
  • Select OK


Posting the Blog Post

The student can then choose to:

  • Save the post as a draft (Save as Draft button)
  • Schedule a date for the post to publish (SCHEDULED button)
  • Publish immediately (POST NOW or Publish button)

If SCHEDULED is clicked, an option to select a date will appear.

Once the post has been created and published, it will appear on the Class Feed. It can then be commented on by the teacher or other students.


Commenting on a Post

To comment on a post, a student simply clicks on the post they wish to comment on, then select Add.

They then type in their comment, hit Post, and it will appear on the particular blog feed.

That's it! You've now seen how a student can use the Blog feature of Otus.


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