This article will guide your students through the login process and help them navigate to the Assessment module in Otus.


Students should enter their email address and password in the blank fields on the login page.

**If the email address is connected to a SSO login (Google, Microsoft) or if your district has rostered with Clever, click the corresponding button located at the bottom of the page. Students will be prompted to choose an account that is already logged in, or enter the SSO email address. If students use the same device to login to Otus each time, they should only be prompted once.

Select Assessments from the left-hand toolbar

Filter by class using the dropdown menu in the upper-right corner (if necessary).

Students should find the appropriate assessment they would like to begin and click it.

A popup will appear that will provide additional information about the assessment, including the instructions, time limit, and multiple attempt allowance.

To begin the assessment, students will click Start.

Each of our assessment types have a unique format. To see what each looks like, check out the links below!

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