Simple Assessment
To add a video to a Simple Assessment, just click the video icon in the question creation popup as shown in the image below. You have the option to record a video directly from your computer, or attach a file that is saved to your computer.

You can also a YouTube video by clicking on the attachment button to the right. 

Advanced Assessment
To add a video to an Item in an Advanced Assessment, you can choose the Simple Feature that is available in any question type. 

You can also add a video that is separate from a question (this is a good option when you are having students use the video to answer multiple questions) by adding the video as a feature to your Item.

Rubric Assessment
You can add a video attachment to a Rubric assessment by selecting Choose File under Attachments at the bottom of the rubric. 

Important Note:
Direct video recording and video upload is not compatible with Safari on Mac.

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