PLEASE NOTE - this article is for sending/assigning INDIVIDUAL assessments. To see information on sending assessment FOLDERS, please click HERE.


What is the difference between an Admin sending unlocked, sending locked, and assigning assessments?

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Sharing a Copy of an Assessment (Locked or Unlocked)

Step 1: Locate the Assessment in your Drafts
Step 2: Click the ellipses
Step 3: Select Send Copy

Step 4: Choose teachers to send to

To send to individual teachers:

  • Type in the full email address of that teacher
  • Hit Enter or Return on your keyboard
  • Click the email address

To send to Teacher Groups:

  • Select Teacher Groups 
  • Check the group(s) you'd like to share the assessment with

Step 5: Determine whether to send locked or unlocked

  • If you would like to send an Unlocked Version of the assessment, adjust the toggle at the bottom.
  • See below for a visual on sending locked assessments:

Step 6: Click Send


To Assign a Locked Assessment to a Class

Rather than sending a locked copy, administrators have the ability to assign an assessment right from within their account. Check out the visual below:

Step 1: Locate the Assessment in your Drafts
Step 2: Click Assign

Step 3: Choose Students and Settings

  • Choose the class/classes 
  • Choose the group(s) (optional)
  • Optional settings include Due Date, Availability Window, Instructions, General Settings, and Student Attempts. (these can be adjusted by the teacher after you assign the assessment)

Step 4: Assign

  • Click Assign in the upper-right corner
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