Note: This feature is available for our subscribed districts. If you wish to set up this integration, please contact our team.

PowerSchool Gradebook Passback is a feature that allows for points-based assessments to transfer from Otus to PowerSchool. Please find below the information needed for configuration. You can expect to work closely with a member of the Otus team throughout the process.

Step 1: Identify Category Mapping

When teachers create an assessment in Otus, they must select an assessment “type.” The Otus assessment type will map scores back to district categories in PowerSchool. Below is an example of category mapping.

The Otus team will need to confirm the desired category mapping for your district. The mapped district categories must be active in participating teachers' accounts in order for grades to sync to PowerSchool. The categories will map as defined and teachers can change the category once the grade has been sent to PowerSchool.

Step 2: Determine an Effective Date

This is the date that points-based scores will begin passing from Otus to PowerSchool.

  • Any assessments that have been assigned on or after the effective date will transfer to PowerSchool.
  • This date can be in the past, present, or future. Selecting a date from the past means that assessment scores from that date and moving forward will flow to PowerSchool once the integration is complete.

Step 3: Add Teachers to the Gradebook Passback Teacher Group in Otus

The Otus team recommends launching gradebook passback with a small, core group of teachers who are comfortable using Otus and ready for points-based scores to passback to PowerSchool each night.

In order for teacher's assessment scores to passback, participating teachers must be in the Otus Teacher Group. Once your Otus Technology Coach has created the Teacher Group in Otus, please follow these directions to add participating teachers to the group. The main teacher and co-teacher of a participating class must all be added to the Teacher Group.

Other teachers can be added to this group throughout the school year and no additional work is required. Once the configuration is live, adding a new teacher to the group is all that needs to be done for their scores to begin passing back each night.

Once the above information has been collected, the Otus team will take it from there! You can expect the team to update you once the configuration is complete and ready for initial testing.

Please be sure to review the PowerSchool Gradebook Passback: Guide for Teachers and share this article with participating teachers in your district. This will ensure that your team follows the correct steps to successfully utilize this feature.

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