Note: This feature is available for our subscribed districts. If you wish to set up this integration, please have your administrator contact our team.

Setting up the Integration

  1. Determine the mapping of Otus categories to PowerSchool District categories. The mapped district categories must be active in participating teachers accounts in order for grades to sync to PowerSchool. 
  2. Determine an "effective date" for the integration. Any assessments that have been assigned on or after the effective date will sync to PowerSchool.

Things to Remember

  • Grades will sync to PowerSchool each night.
  • Only points grades will pass back.
  • All grades will pass back, even if a teacher selects to not include in the grade book.
  • Teachers can manually remove assignments that they do not wish to include directly in PowerSchool. 
  • The categories will map as defined, and teachers can change the category once the grade has been sent to PowerSchool
  • If a teacher assigns the same assessment to the same class with the same due date, it will not pass back. The teacher can assign the same assessment to a class, but it has to have a different name or it won’t pass back 
  • Any weighting of grades needs to be done in PowerSchool
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