There are TWO options for grading Bubble Sheet Assessments

Option 1: Individually scanning each one via webcam (best for a smaller number of sheets)

Option 2: Creating a PDF file of all student bubble sheets, then dragging/dropping that file into GradeCam (best for a large number of sheets)

Read below regarding details for both options


Option 1: Individually Scanning 

Step 1: Activate GradeCam by clicking on the Bubble Sheet Assessment in your Assigned Assessments. This is what you should see:

Step 2: Hold up bubble sheet in the center of the screen. You will see a green box surrounding the test when it has been captured. Once it has been graded, you will hear a "Blip" noise and the grade will be shown at the bottom. 


If GradeCam is having trouble capturing your forms, please visit the article below for some troubleshooting tips!

Step 3
Grading Rubric-Style Questions

You can either: 

  • Fill in the appropriate score bubble on the bubble sheet before scanning


  • Click on their name after their sheet has been scanned and select the appropriate score bubble for that question.


Option 2: Drag-and-Drop PDF

  • Scan all answer sheets from all classes into a single PDF file (usually via the school copy machine). Note: The file needs to be scanned in GRAYSCALE and not black and white. 
  • Activate the GradeCam screen. 
  • Drag-and-drop the PDF into the GradeCame screen, and it will begin scoring (don't worry: Otus and GradeCam will organize the student's scores into the correct classes)!

*Note: You may see some yellow notifications saying only students from the selected course are being scanned into the class you have selected - this is a good thing! 

  • Repeat with any additional classes.



GradeCam will calculate the total percentage based on the original grading scale, not the new grading scale. See example below:

GradeCam will still calculate the grade based on the 0, 1, 2, 3 grading scale, BUT, the Otus Gradebook WILL calculate based on the 0, 2, 4, 6 grading scale.

What this means for you: Know that if you change the grading scale of a rubric question, GradeCam will not display the correct total percentage, but the Otus Gradebook WILL display the correct total percentage. This is a GradeCam limitation, rather than an Otus limitation.

That's it! You've now learned how to grade a Bubble Sheet Assessment!

What if you need to edit the assessment?

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